Charan Rameshkumar


Charan is a senior at Washington High School and is one of the only two fourth year competitors in WHS DECA. He credits DECA for improving his public speaking and leadership skills. Aside from DECA, Charan wants to pursue a career in Management Information, accounting, and finance. As President of DECA, he hopes build upon the success of the previous officer team to keep the chapter moving forward.

- - -

Isabella Ip


Isabella is currently enrolled as a senior and has been doing DECA competitively for two years. Her hobbies include reading manga (and books), writing stories, and playing video games. Starting her DECA journey during her sophomore year she found an interest in virtual business, an online events category, which she competed at ICDC both years. DECA has offered her a friendly yet competitive environment that honed her skills which prepared her for the corporate world.

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Aishwarya Karthikraja


Aishwarya is a senior and this is her second year of being in DECA. She's been able to meet new people, learn several new skills regarding public speaking, and even placed top 10 at States! This year, she hopes to break several records that were already made by the previous officer team. In her free time, she loves to go to the gym and lift or go out on long drives with her friends.

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Events: HTOR, PHT

Jay Thota


Jay is a junior at Washington High School and has been in DECA since his freshman year. DECA has improved his public speaking, business knowledge, and leadership skills. As the VP of Marketing of WHS DECA, he hopes to increase membership this year and to expand the social media platforms. Outside of DECA, Jay loves to play basketball, volleyball, and video games.

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Sahej Sandhu


Sahej is a senior this year. She joined DECA in her freshman year as an apprentice. She tried continuing it but instead, she took a break and returned as a competitor in her junior year. DECA was introduced to her when she was in 7th grade. Her cousins joined DECA when they were in high which influenced her to join as well. Sahej’s love for Finance pushed her to apply for VP of Finance. When she got elected, she knew she could make a difference for WHS DECA!

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Events: HTOR, SBE, PM

Tamanna Gandhi


Tamanna is a junior at Washington High School and is excited to serve as the VP of Hospitality this year. Through DECA, she has expanded her network, gained valuable business skills, made countless memories, and even placed 3rd at ICDC! As VP of Hospitality, she looks forward to leading the Apprentice workshops, teaching them important business concepts and soft skills in preparation for competition. In her free time, she enjoys working out, baking, and reading.

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Events: PHT, SEOR

Yamini Jain


Yamini is a junior at Washington High, and she has been a part of DECA since her freshmen year.DECA has provided Yamini with a hands-on learning experience, teaching her both valuable communication and business skills, but also life skills. Yamini is looking forward to going back to compete at States and make it to ICDC, as well as working with the rest of the team on chapter campaigns. In her free time, She loves to play sports and write poetry.

- - -
Events: PMK, PHT, HPTS

Anjika Singh


Anjika is a sophomore who has been a competitor in DECA since last year. DECA has given her the ability to improve her public speaking skills, gain more confidence, and build long-lasting friendships. As Written Events Director, she hopes to help all competitors with their written reports by holding a variety of workshops with helpful tips. Outside of DECA, Anjika enjoys reading books, watching television, and dancing. Anjika is looking forward to working with Team 11 to help make a wonderful year for WHS DECA!

- - -
Events: PHT, HTOR

Vivek Krovvidi


Vivek is a junior who has been in DECA since his freshman year. Throughout his DECA journey he has learned many new skills such as networking, financing, and trying new things. As Online Events Director, Vivek plans to increase the amount of ICDC qualifiers from both the stock market game and virtual business competitions. Outside of DECA, Vivek likes to play football, wrestling, lacrosse, and video games

- - -
Events: BMOR, BSM

Jeffrey Antony


Jeff is a Senior at Washington High School who takes the Media Director position at the Washington DECA Chapter. He has been an involved member of DECA since his freshman year and has competed since his sophomore year. He has a huge passion for what he does and is approachable if anyone needs help. Outside of DECA he makes music and plays basketball.

- - -

Sanjana Chaudhari


Sanjana is currently a sophomore, she has been part of WHS DECA since her freshmen year. DECA helped Sanjana expand her knowledge in buisness and finance. In her free time Sanjana enjoys reading, playing badminton, and watching Netflix. She is very excited to work with everyone this year!

- - -
Events: PFN

Ryan Hsu


Ryan is a sophomore who is currently in his second year as a DECA competitor. In his first year competing, he strengthened his public speaking skills, and learned many crucial skills to thrive in the business world. Outside of DECA, Ryan likes to read and play video games.

- - -
Events: HTOR, PHT

Bhavya Mehta


Bhavya is a sophomore at Washington High School who joined DECA her freshman year as an apprentice after going through DECA-related business workshops over the summer. DECA has helped her gain confidence and public speaking skills to effectively communicate with others in a professional manner. Additionally, it's helped her gain a large amount of knowledge on the business world. As New Member Director, Bhavya seeks to recreate the amazing experience she had as a DECApprentice herself, as well as make any needed improvements to ensure that the new apprentices are completely prepared to be competitors the year after. Outside of DECA, Bhavya participates in Speech & Debate and WHS Badminton, and also enjoys art, baking, and reading.

- - -
Events: PBM

Rhea Jain


Rhea Jain is a senior at Washington, currently serving as VP of Leadership for the Northern California District Action Team. Since joining DECA in her sophomore year, she's learned valuable skills such as leadership, business knowledge, and public speaking. DECA has helped her form a close-knit community and even influenced her future career choice. As VP of Hospitality, Rhea mentored DECApprentices through teaching business workshops and hosting mini competitions. She looks forward to her final year in DECA and can't wait to watch everyone grow and succeed! Outside of DECA, you can find her reading a book, listening to music, or walking her dog, Tofu.

- - -

Rohit Mamidipaka


Rohit Mamidipaka is a senior in Washington High School and has taken a position as the Norcal DAT VP of Hospitality. As a consistently active member of DECA since his Freshman year, he hopes to give back to the community by passing on the same opportunities and experiences he had to the next generation. Besides DECA Rohit is involved in robotics and loves listening to music.

- - -
Events: PBM

Vincent Wu


A “Fremonter” nearly all his life, Mr. Vince Wu is an alumnus of Mission San Jose High School and is ecstatic to be the Washington High School DECA Advisor. Along with five other students, Mr. Wu re-founded Washington High School DECA in 2012 and is proud of all the success it has accomplished in the first couple of years. Upon graduation of high school, Mr. Wu attended the University of California Davis where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pure Mathematics. An adventurer at heart, he found his way to Florida after college and worked for Walt Disney World. It was during this time when Mr. Wu developed an interest in teaching and returned back to California to pursue his teaching degree at California State University East Bay and earned his Single Subject Credential in Mathematics. He also graduated with a Masters of Science in Education Curriculum with an emphasis in Mathematics. Mr. Wu has taught at both Horner Junior High School and Irvington High School teaching Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus AB. Currently, he is teaching Honors Geometry and AP Statistics at Washington High School and enjoys helping students find a connection and love for mathematics. He has received the California Retired Teachers Scholarship Award for Excellence and the California DECA Advisor of the Year. When Mr. Wu is not teaching or advising DECA, he can be found playing golf, snowboarding, biking, visiting theme parks, and rooting of his favorite Bay Area teams: the SF Giants, the SF 49ers, The Golden State Warriors, and the CAL football team.

Dr.Lisa-Marie Burns


Dr. Lisa-Marie Burns brings with her over 20 years of practical experience in multiple industries and functions. She has been in public education for the last 15 years, all in a CTE/Business capacity. Throughout her career, Burns has emphasized the importance of having a well-rounded resume, one that includes both higher education and practical experience; her dissertation addresses the need for teachers to have practical experience in order to bring 'curriculum to life' in the classroom. As a high school student she was enrolled in CTE/Business classes, and served as a member and officer of FBLA. These experiences continue to frame her career and professional philosophies. She is an advocate for CTE/Business education and has made it a personal mission to "change the stigma:" CTE/Business is not a necessary subject for today's youth. Many districts continue to downplay the role CTE/Business has in education and fail to recognize that all subjects are embedded in CTE curriculum and provide students with hands-on opportunities not normally found in traditional academic settings. Burns primary capacity with Fremont Unified/Washington High is that of Business Department Chair and Perkins V Coordinator and she was named DECA Business Person of the Year 2017.

- - -
Dr.Burns has expertise in all events especially Operations Research reports!